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  3. demon_model_mannoroth_helmet.png


    Yet another model from a map that arconte saurio (carkenny on moddb) showed in a video many years ago, and which I still wish I would find.
  4. Tigrick

    Model Edit: Dionesiist's Demon Arch-Duke without helmet

    Hello all, I really like Dionesiist's Demon Arch-Duke. It kind of transports the dark vibe that daemons in Warcraft 1 and Warcraft 2 had. (This is why I'd like to use it as mainline unit for my demon faction, which would be equivalent in strength and price to a 6-man squad of other races.)...
  5. Tigrick

    Looking for EXISTING model. Reward for finder. (Daemon model from spanish map)

    Hello guys, I am looking for this demon model: It can be seen in these (spanish) videos: the poster on utube is called arconte saurio. He does not reply to comments so far. In the map, the unit with this model is called: Destajador cruel HELP me find this model on the internet, plz! I...