custom units

  1. Matthew's_warcraft_book

    Is there a way to change object order in object editor? If not, is it possible to have different object names in-game than in object editor?

    I have a couple hundred custom units, and right now I have them organized by putting a few identifying letters in front of the name, and then sorting alphabetically. However, these letters also show up in the names in game, which is a problem. Is there a way to re-order objects without using...
  2. Standhaft

    [General] How to make High Elf Town Hall?

    I am just making a map with custom armies for humans (just humans & dwarves), high elves, and Warcraft 2 style Horde. So far everything is working fine and I managed to figure out all the issues along the way except for the high elves. I made a copy of the town hall, keep, and castle which I...