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custom scripts

  1. iqLJesus

    Problem with custom script fail

    There is a problem and I cannot find it (Because I'm a beginner). Everytime I try to test it skips to main menu and cannot open map. What I'm trying to do is everytime a unit attacks create a illusion of attacking unit by creating a dummy and using Item illusion ability on attacking unit...
  2. Crusad3r91

    [Solved] Building is not created on specified point

    Greetings everyone, I've been attempting to create a trigger that, essentially, searches the map for specific markers (based on Circle of Power) on initialization and then forms a base around them. It works fairly well, all things considered, but the problem lies in how buildings are placed...
  3. Jeppe109

    [General] Checking for Blight Ownership

    This point of discussion was touched upon in this thread, unfortunately not in the way in which I am interested in it, and since the thread was closed for replies, I found I had no choice but to create a new one. As you know, the "Create/Remove Blight ..." triggers let you set ownership of the...
  4. Adorm

    [General] Two Questions on Unit Groups

    Hey Guys, How do you create a Unit Group through a Custom Script/JASS? And also, is it possible to check if a Unit Group is Empty and if so how would both of these things be accomplished through Triggers? Thanks so much! Cordially, Adorm