custom hero

  1. Hannesburgo

    [Solved] Check if an ability kills an unit and do certain effect

    Hello there! I am creating a new ability to my hero called Plunder. The skill itself is a point-and-click damaging skill that, if kills an unit, gives the player gold. The problem is: Whenever I try a new solution, two of the scenarios happen: 1) The player gains gold even if it doesnt kill...
  2. issaltar

    [General] Creating a custom hero

    So this is my first post not exactly sure how to go about this. I haven't messed with the editor in ~15 years trying to get back into the swing of things. I wanted to make a custom berserker hero and ran into a few snags and came across the site in my quest to answer my questions. Currently, I'm...
  3. Teitan

    [Hero Arena] Tryndamere in Warcraft III (WIP)

    I'll be resuming this project soon, and i rather have this post deleted.
  4. Bloodwest

    No voice on custom character (with custom model)

    Hello, everyone! I require advice from those worldeditor masters, who actually made functional custom characters with custom voice-over in Reforged WE environment. I've done this successfully before in pre-reforged classic, created King Leonidas (from 300) custom hero with custom voice-over but...
  5. Koko Kwikwak


    can someone help me to do a trigger that makes an ai to choose my custom hero in altars from melee game???? please help me, I'm a sore loser...
  6. MQ116


    I copied the object data from my main project so far (just simple custom heroes in a tavern cuz I'm new lol) onto a map in reforged. All ability Icons are matched to their original hero, but work like the abilities I put in. For example, HUNTRESS a hero based off of Dark Ranger has trueshot...
  7. DwarfBoy

    [Hero Arena] Custom Hero Battle Arena!

    Welcome heroes of various backgrounds to the Custom Hero Battle Arena! Get through the waves and earn fame and fortune! Pick your hero and their ability and try to survive through the waves of monsters! --How Waves Work-- Each wave is divided into 5 rounds. Each round has you battle a certain...