1. Ariac

    [SD/Modeling] Need Qir'aji and Sillithid models

    Me and a few others are making a mod for Warcraft III Classic. We need sillithid and Qir'aji models to help develop a race. If it is possible to port or re-create them, it would be useful. Currently working on a Pantheon based "Old Gods" race which changes its entire playstyle and composition...
  2. Mister_Haudrauf

    Old God Building set.

    Okay Again i am starting a building project for the Old Gods this time around. As far as i can tell: The Old Gods are weird....... Okay fun aside i have already made one unfinished building, but i can't decide on the texture i am going to use. Will you help me with this? (Also a small poll...
  3. Lord Kil'jaeden

    Models for the Twin Qiraji Emperors

    Could anyone please make a model of the twin emperors of Ahn'Qiraj?