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crypt fiend

  1. Scourge Heroes

    Scourge Heroes

    - Death Knight - Crypt Lord (Summons: Carrion Beetles) - Lich - Crypt Sage - Necro Lord (Morphs into: Shade of the Necro Lord)
  2. The Rise of the Banshee Queen

    The Rise of the Banshee Queen

    "You crossed my path, Ranger General. From now on, you and your archers will serve me. You yourself signed the death warrant to your homeland" (С) Arthas Menethil to Sylvanas Windrunner
  3. Diegoit

    Replacing CryptLord and CryptFiend (suggestions pls)

    Hey all im making a melee map which has Undeads and Nerubians as differents races, so decided to just change these units models to no change the Undead gameplay style. ill just change their models (CryptLord and CryptFiend). Can you suggest me some model to do it (just bring me links (Hive...
  4. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Crypt Fiend edit - Please

    Could/would somebody either create something similar to this or make a portrait for the current one? CryptFiend @Alok, @MatiS, @-Grendel, @Callahan, @Tarrasque, who wants/can? Thanks.