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  1. Sapprine

    Realy Simple Model request *WITH GOOD CREDIT!* (Still Pending, please help)

    I have need of a custom model for a project I'm working on. Basically all I'm asking for is a plain Rock Golem portrait with the animations and shape of a Furbolg/Ursa Warrior, alternatively a murloc, without shell/shield and weapon. For credit, read my reply below.
  2. Sapprine

    Loading screen - doesn't need to look proffesional, just moderate.

    Request: Custom Loading Screen Quality: Doesn't have to look proffesional, just moderate Deadline: None, but I'd prefer to start seeing semi-finished results/progress in about 2-4 weeks Credit/reward: - Max. 2 rows of text in loading screen text. - Your name and link to your Hive account in...