1. HerlySQR

    [Script] Check if this map is corrupted

    Hello can you tell me if this map is corrupted, if yes, could you tell me what to do?
  2. GhxBronie

    [Crash] What is the maximum amount for Triggers/Variables?

    Hi WorldEdit M8s :thumbs_up: I have a curiosity about the number of Triggers/Variables for every map. I'm asking this because i had 1221 Triggers and 1961 Variables in this map. Now i add a new system, creating 24 Triggers (1245 in total) and 2 variables (1963 in total) to make it works, and...
  3. Woodenplank

    Desyncs on map load

    Hi I recently released my new map - which I've been working on several months. But when I try playing the map with other people online, roughly half of them desync as soon as the game starts. Before nay triggering is run; they're just gone. Roughly 50% of players in a lobby. I tried deleting...
  4. Blood Raven

    [Solved] My melee map got corrupted...

    Hey everyone! I'm participating in the current Melee Map Contest #2 and somehow managed to get my map corrupted for the third time. All previous times I was able to salvage a backup version from the JNG folder, but this time all of these are corrupted aswell. The map still works ingame, but...
  5. hemmedo

    Spell - Fel Gift

    I have an idea for a cool spell but I don't know whether it's possible in warcraft 3 engine or not. But I'll try to be as specific as possible on the spell if someone intends to do it. Description: The Warlock channels Fel energy to an Orc unit, bestowing increased might and speed permanently...