1. Wareditor

    Making an accurate "get mouse screen position"

    tldr: The goal of this post is to find an accurate and robust get_mouse_screen_position() for the community. Big thanks to @Unryze for helping me find stuff in the 1.26 game.dll! So for a few patches now, there is a way to get the mouse world coordinates. However there is no way to get the...
  2. Wrda

    [Misc] Tile length, its coordinates and center

    Why is this relevant? One day I figured I needed a way to know the center of a tile, given an axis coordinate. Such thing isn't available to us directly so I did it myself. Also this is important for our common knowledge that sometimes we take for granted. Assumptions Our intuition would say...
  3. GlassHouseTahaa

    AI Attack Move

    Hiya, I am trying to get my AI to attack-move to a set of X, Y coordinates OR regions within my map. I want them to “SuicideOnPlayerEX” but follow a specific path to do so. Does anyone know how to do this? FYI, my AI is made using JASS, not the World Editor.
  4. SoooK

    Random ability positions in a spell book

    First time I want to use a spell book. I want the abilities in it to be in specific positions of the UI. I edited their x;y coordinates accordingly, but each time I load the map, all abilities are randomly placed somewhere at x;0! Is there a way to fix this?
  5. thorlar

    Vision Detection Spell (Stone Gorgon Sight)?

    For my map I am solving one problem after another, but I stumbled upon this. I opened up hive to find help on this, and I did find multiple upon multiple backstab spells/triggers. However, I am terrible at Trigonometry and cannot tweak them enough to get my solution :cry: To start with, there...
  6. DrTema

    Help with Coordinates, please.

    Hello, I kinda don't have idea how guy in the video made this. So what's the idea. I want to move special unit to any location on the map by command in chat. I can use trigger "Conversion - Convert String to Real" to set varibales for X and Y coordinates. So for "X" coordinates I use "6,8"...