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  1. TowerCrane Birth

    TowerCrane Birth

    Somehow, thinking about making the death anim is already making me feel annoyed haha
  2. Sparky123

    [Trigger] Terrain type condition

    Hi. I need help with a trigger I can't get it working. prevent temple build Events Unit - A unit Begins construction Conditions (Unit-type of (Constructing structure)) Equal to Temple Actions Set C_Loc = (Position of (Constructing structure)) Set...
  3. Metaux

    Condition not working for one trigger and working for an other

    Hello, i got a problem with my trigger and i cant solve it ( i didnt find the solution ) My WE is in french ( so its half english and french eh ) Visionneuse images - Noelshack - http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2017/23/7/1497199280-trigger-marche-pas.png it's the one who dont work...
  4. shinela

    [Solved] Restrict Building Area

    (Hang about: I just realised I posted this in the wrong section. How does one delete a post so I can repost it in the right section?) What ho! I'm having a bit of a tiff down here with my triggers, would highly appreciate your help! Here's basically what I'd like the code to do: - Unit...
  5. hypsandar

    [General] How to disable building in a certain region?

    I'm working on a new version of my map, (cant be found on Hive yet, its listed at makemehost.com) How can I disable building in a certain region? There's this no pvp safe zone, which is the spawn area and err, I don't want players to build there. Its a city with shops, trainers, etc.
  6. ZiBitheWand3r3r

    [General] Is specific builidng under construction

    hey, any idea how check it, if possble - easy way its for public resource so should be as general as possible already saw 'Blight Dispel Small' trick on The Helper, but maybe anything else?