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  1. Alry FireBlade

    How do I check if Player Red is the only Human player to run Actions?

    TLTR: What condition checks if there is only 1 human player. Hello, I am new to Triggers and try to get better. I am currently creating a Hero Defence Map, and I want to create Cheats I can use, for testing my Map. Furthermore, I want to make it, that the Cheats get disabled, when there are...
  2. Grimsnarl

    [Spell] Changing AI Spell/Ability Priority

    Hello! As we are all mostly aware, spells/abilities cast by AI units all have to meet certain demands/conditions in order for it to be used. For example, 'War Stomp' requires at least 3 enemy units in its vicinity, 'Shadow Strike' only gets to be cast when a unit meets a certain health amount...
  3. ZeroGravity

    A trigger that make everyone outside of region loses?

    Just like the topic, to make you see the big picture, a chopper will take that hero unit to safe zone which guarantee the owner a win while players outside who did not make it within time limit will get defeat screen. I think using hero unit as condition will be easier since there might be...
  4. Ruvven

    Structure Costs Items To Build?

    Hello there everybody! Thanks for checking in :) I have been working on a map inspired by survival minecraft with alot of randomness, i want to be able to "chop a tree" and get wood, this part i have down pretty well, so the interesting part here is the fact that i cant for the love of god...
  5. Kreuzschlitz

    Ability racial classification or similar filter

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a condition that checks whether a spell being cast is in the undead category or night elf category in the editor and to create different floating text depending on which race it is. I could not find any such conditions when playing around in the editor. The...
  6. WarFox

    Check condition for idle workers?

    Like the title says, i need to create check condition that would look after the lazy workers who stand doing nothing, and send them back to harvesting wood. I tried hundreds of ways already for many hours none stop and there is always two type of results 1: They do nothing, or they just stop on...
  7. Blikunman

    Help creating an "Ability is active" Condition.

    Hey folks, I'm trying hard to make a condition/trigger for detecting if ability defense (same as human footman) is active. I just cant make it work, my goal is to give a building the ability "defense" and if "defense" is active then do (loop of event), when is desactivated then (stop loop). any...
  8. Majkowski

    Amount of wood condition

    I'm trying to create a quest where you have to get a certain amount of wood and then "bring" it to someone, so I want the quest to be completed once you enter a region and have the certain amount of wood, but I can't figure out how to create a condition that checks the amount of wood you have...
  9. deepstrasz

    [Spell] A unit takes damage issue - disease cloud - GUI (~SOLVED)

    Hey Hive, I'm having problems with one of my units being affected by disease cloud. I have a trigger that whenever that unit is hit it spawns four dummy units which deal damage to nearby enemy units. I've tried putting any of these four as conditions: Damage Source is a Plagued Unit (Bolean...
  10. leopold39

    I dont know how to indicate simple (I think) condition

    I have a little question. I created something like this: Event: Unit X - dies Action: Unit Y changes ownership to Neutral Hostile Unit Y replaces with Unit Z using Maximum HP and Mana I want to make condition that Unit Y must be alive, but I don't know how. Could you help?
  11. Metaux

    Condition not working for one trigger and working for an other

    Hello, i got a problem with my trigger and i cant solve it ( i didnt find the solution ) My WE is in french ( so its half english and french eh ) Visionneuse images - Noelshack - http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2017/23/7/1497199280-trigger-marche-pas.png it's the one who dont work...
  12. deepstrasz

    Passive spells, events & conditions

    Heya, so I'm trying to make something happen after Evasion takes place. I tried a unit starts the effect of an ability etc. and I can't get actions to work with the condition: ability being cast equal to evasion. It doesn't seem to work like any normal active ability. Any ideas?
  13. Mote -E

    Win/Lose trigger conditions

    Hi people, Can someone help me with a trigger for my altered melee map that could make the winners players "victorious" and the losers "defeated"? following the next condition: -Defeated if living units = 0 -Win if all enemy team is defeated (obviously). Thanks in advance.. PS 1: Could be...
  14. Yours Truly

    [Solved] Can anybody tell me how this crashes Wc3?

    Target = Integer to determine which enemy is selected TargetMax = Max of Target IfAttack/Skill/ItemTime = Just un-necessary booleans EnemyIsEmpty = If enemy slot is empty EnemyIsDead = Its what it is Trigger Battle ActionsUpdateTarget = Contains variables that set TargetedEnemy to Target...
  15. Trần Đức Huy

    [Solved] Freeze when using if condition ?

    I'm using Bribe's Damage Engine (DE) to create On-hit Ability (Flak Cannon), i also create my own custom Auto-attack for Multishot Ability purpose, the problem is i only want Flak Cannon work it that damage is from Multishot Projectiles. So i'm using DamageEventType to archive that, but i don't...
  16. Stefann

    Help making a trade route mechanic

    Hello, I'm working on a map and amongst other things I want to make trade routs in the sense that there is a merchant that patrols the map and when he passes nearby a player's market building that particular player earns gold. I've been trying to make this happen with a response event to...