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  1. Rykon-V73

    Big problem with the Trigger Editor

    No one if many had this problem, but I'll try. Lightning - Create a Chain Lightning - Primary lightning effect from source (Position of (Triggering unit)) to target (Center of (Playable map area)) The code above is useless, as it tells me no height is applied, I use as an example: Custom...
  2. rufreakde

    TypeScript MPQ Command Line Tool - Node NPM - Project on Github

    Hey guys, I have written a simple TypeScript tool to use MPQ2K commands from your node project. Maybe someone wants to use it feel free to try it out. Feedback and suggestions for new commands that you need are appreciated. At the moment you can just execute the tool in your ts code and extract...
  3. Fintrik

    Sending resources with commands

    Hi i have a question how to make working trigger/s that will allow players to send resources with commands? i want to make it like in troll and elves i know almost everything that i need except taking number that player entered in the message.
  4. Furry Nova

    Easy GUI Chat Command Handler

    I've been browsing this site for an easy to use chat command GUI example. The ones I found wasn't the ones I wanted since one relied on vJASS and another had an issue were the command that could be typed in the middle of a message like "something -gold". So I had an attempt making one but it...
  5. DeMoN100

    [Role Playing Game] A RP For Single Player

    It would be nice if we could come out with a roleplay map that could be played in single player with computers if you couldn't find players. Like DoBRP, SoTDRP, CoTM, & RoTRP only when you give the units and buildings to computer it uses them.