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  1. Cheshire

    hero arena without domino effect scaling

    Hey there, I want to create a hero arena-like map, where basically each player just controls one hero for a long time like dota (gameplay is very different then aos genre though..). I want there to be high levels available etc' so the longer the gameplay the more powerful heroes get, but at...
  2. TheJusticeSong

    [Spell] Skillshot that comes back

    Greeting gentlemens, Well I'm pretty sure the solution is really simple, I'm trying to create a spell (a skill shot), wich comes back to the caster after reaching his maximum range. I've searched many times the solution without succes (I've checked how the spell of Rizzrak, but since it is a...
  3. xDeathKnightx

    [Cinematic] The Fall of the Nine - WIP

    So, I've been away for ages and decided to begin another cinematic, just thought i'd share a couple of images of the first few scenes: Still very, very early in works, will be a long time yet but I will keep thread updated every now and then.