1. Sakurose

    Does anyone know how to change the colour of illusions?

    What I tried: 1,create a illusion and change the colour, faild. 2,create illusion and change the colour of local player,faild. 1,create a illusion for Player12(enemy of all players) and change the illusion 's owner to the spelling hero,faild. Is it possible to change the colour of illusions?
  2. HerrDave

    Flickering geoset animation colours

    In order to make a proper book-esq Saruman, I need his robe to fade from colour-to-colour. So I sat down with Magos' Model Editor, took a geoset to experiment with and got to work. In theory, this should make for a smooth and seamless colour fade from blue to green to red and back. This is...
  3. Rektis

    [General] Overview of all default text colours?

    Is there some overview of all the default text colours used in the game? Not just the player colours? Some are listed here: Using Basic Color Codes Some here: Warcraft III Color Tags And Linebreaks A lot of them are already inbuilt here: WC3 Item & Skill Designer 0.5.0 - WC3 ISD ...but no...