1. posthumousturbo

    Help with wrong colours on My Old Map with models from classic?

    How repair colours if I started map first two minutes colours is normal, after two minutes colours is bugged.
  2. Prometheus3375

    Preparing menu color bug

    It is possible to set any color for a player using //! inject config in preparing menu. But there is a problem. Consider next code. It works well if flag "Fixed Player Settings" in forces properties is not set. But if you set this flag, everything breaks. First player must have blue...
  3. Raen7

    [Mapping] WC3 Editor Player Colors reference

    Per suggestion from another member, I have moved this reference sheet here as a "Miscellaneous tutorial/guide/reference". (As opposed to the 'Tools' section.) WC3 World Editor Player Colors This is a Google Sheet that shows you all 24 player colors (since they expanded the # of players in the...
  4. daverave1212

    What do you think about my colorizer tool?

    Hello Last night I made this cute little project when I couldn't sleep. I felt the need for one that works like this because I haven't found one that uses only the keyboard and that is easy to use. To make a portion of the text a certain...