1. Rykon-V73

    Making certain GUI codes MUI

    Hey. I know a few maps with custom races got away with this, like the Fel Horde map and High Elves map. I want to turn some GUI codes into MUI codes. I'm sort of good at making GUI codes. MUI is difficult. I get the start, but I'm lost at the rest. Impending Crystal ON Events Time...
  2. El Saif

    Trigger how to check if unit has any ability

    Usually, to see if a unit has a spesific ability or not, we're using trigger like 'Level of Thunder Clap greater than or equal to 0'. Here, i wonder how to check does a unit have ANY ability or not. I believe it has something to do with ability id. In my mind, we'll do something like check the...
  3. PartumCreed

    [Natural Selection] Species Code Bundle!

    I love this map & have played it a few times, during those times I made a few decent species. :cool: These codes are now available for public use, you are welcome! ;)
  4. Hecky

    Creating .txt file in editor

    Hey, i would like to save a string variable as .txt file like with save/load codes. Please don't send me other systems or links to threads, i have already read them, i just need some specific codes which allows me to create .txt file with couple of strings inside. Can someone help me with this...