1. dfxiispro

    [Spell] Diminishing Cleave

    Hello there, I am a learning user of WE and in need of help. I am attempting to create a cleave/splash passive with a diminishing AOE. For example this is the character stat sheet from my design: As far as I know there is no Hero Spell or Item that does this that can be turned as a...
  2. Seavalan Legend

    Cleave w/o Slam Animation

    Whenever a unit has an ability based on Cleave, it uses its Slam animation. I am not skilled in triggers, so I was wondering if anyone could help me make a trigger for three levels of Cleave, identical to its non-trigger counter-part, but does not force the unit to using their Slam animation. I...
  3. Tutko

    Auto-cast Cleave ability

    Hi, I'm trying to make auto-castable "cleave" ability that costs 5 mana. I've tried many solutions but none of them work 100%. Closest I've come to achieving it is using flaming arrows as dummy ability and then when it's autocast is turned on I add cleave to hero. Here's trigger for it...