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  1. HerlySQR

    Issues with scaling range circle

    I used 2 methods to add a range circle, https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/circle.267584/ https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/show-me-the-ranges.299681/ and with both I have the same problem, tthe circle is too small compared to the actual range. I think is a general problem, so I ask this to...
  2. Karva

    Searching for Special Hero Arena

    Hello, long time ago I saw a Hero Arena by a friend of mine but I do not know the name of the map. It was a kind of hero arena, deathmatch, battle royale... First you took a hero and leveled him up by killing creeps. To get those creeps you took a pet and let it run on a circle to let the...
  3. Ofel

    How to find absolute 0-360 angle? (and in radian)

    What if I have: x = 540 (same as 180) or x = 630 (same as 270) I wanted x to be just around 0-360 How do I achieve this? And please explain this in radian too 'cause that's my main purpose to learn :) In radian: x = 3π (in degree, it's 540 which is same as 180) x should only be around 0-2π ??
  4. TheGoldenGoblin

    [Solved] PUBG Circle Trigger World Bounds Problems

    Hello! I am in the making of a PUBG/Fortnite/Apex circle that spawn in a random location on the map and then shrinks. My problem is that if part of the circle is out of bounds it doesn't spawn correctly when it has shrunken enough to be inside world bounds. I have uploaded a test map aswell. If...
  5. SharSash

    Energy Field Reshape

    Hi! The title says most of it. So what i want is to make Doodads\Cinematic\EnergyField\EnergyField from the square as it is to a perfect circle shape. Looking for soulutions. I manage to increase Emisson Rate and Speed in War 3ModelEditor to make model more visible. So I want this: become...
  6. Passivipaska

    Area markers for boss fights

    Hey. I've been looking for some 'Area markers' for boss fights for some maps I've been making. I have no idea how to make custom skins / models, so I'm hoping someone will see this post and help me out. I need circles... Kind of like Auras, but a unit model. Preferably red, multiple sizes if...
  7. TheAyalalalalon

    [Spell] Aoe non effect spell

    Hello Well i need an AOE spell (LIKE FLAME STRIKE OR RAIN OF FIRE) of the object editor itself i can delete all effects The reason is i want to make a trigger spell (that i have already made) but i also want the circle area of effect to display when i target it For example i cannot use...
  8. Woodenplank

    [Trigger] (Slowly) Expanding Circles

    I've made a trigger that, when a unit instant cast ability, will spawn wave after wave of outwards expanding circles from the point, much like rings formed after dropping something in water... Except with cool fiery explosions. The trigger works without a fault, but to give it the slow...
  9. Athur12A2

    [Need help] No rotating circle in Mdlvis

    Hi guys, I recently have this problem with mdlvis. It work normally before, but one day it just disappeared. I can manage but it is hard to rotate bone in 3D without it. Can someone tell me how to fix it? Ps: I surely had un-ticked the Workplane box
  10. Woodenplank

    [Solved] Spawning Effects in a circular lines

    Not sure if the title is misleading, but I'll make a drawing to demonstrate the issue. I'm trying to get Holy Light special effects (actually just a unit with the holy light model) to spawn in seven lines of 3 effects in a circle (see drawing in Spoiler) A Hero casts a point-targeted spell...