1. Clubbies

    War Chess BETA

    A LARGE ARMY AUTO BATTLE ROYALE. Fight for dominance round after round until only 1 player remains. Recruit from a large variety of troops to muster an intimidating army. Make glorious use of Azeroth's fiercest warriors combined with racial abilities, upgrades, special items, and...
  2. Stormshock

    [Minigame] Updated: Chess Battles minigame

    Hello Warcraft 3 fans, Last week I posted my map. Now I've updated it and added the new version here. Feel free to play the map. Comments are appreciated.
  3. Stormshock

    Question about: Unit - Move unit and face angle (instantly)

    Hello all, Currently I'm working on map to create a chess game. I got a nice idea for the movement. I use the [Unit - Move unit and face angle (instantly)] trigger command and move a unit (which are the chess pieces) 256 points to move 1 space up, see also the image below. I've got this...