1. darkravenbest

    SetUnit X,Y to Exact another unit center.

    I have a little problem with trigger which constantly moving one unit using SetUnitX and SetUnitY to the center(exact X,Y coordinates of another unit), and noticed a problem that when unit is moved on this coordinates which i got using GetUnitX and GetUnitY is not exact center, visually it feels...
  2. Wrda

    [Misc] Tile length, its coordinates and center

    Why is this relevant? One day I figured I needed a way to know the center of a tile, given an axis coordinate. Such thing isn't available to us directly so I did it myself. Also this is important for our common knowledge that sometimes we take for granted. Assumptions Our intuition would say...
  3. Recklessness

    Make Spacebar center on Hero

    Good morning, I have been looking around for a trigger or maybe someone knows a simpler way of making it so when u press spacebar the camera centers on your hero 1 similarly to what F1 does. Is that possible? I am in the middle of finishing a MOBA and that is one of the last things I want for it.
  4. HerrDave

    Model's pivot point isn't centered

    In both Mdlvis and Magos' Model Editor the model(s) are as close to being in the center as is possible, but when I put the models in the world editor, they are off center by a considerable margin. If anyone would be willing to fix it and tell me how you did it, here are the models. Angmar...