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  1. bruunk

    [Trigger] How to cancel a custom ability trigger on cancelling/moving?

    I apologize if this has a million other threads solving this problem but I couldn't find them. I was wondering how to cancel a triggers functions once a unit moves, eg. stops casting/channeling the ability. Right now I have a custom "starfall" ability where if the unit casting cancels the...
  2. QuestionMarkTwain

    [General] Cancel item being used

    In my map, heroes use wands to cast spells. A wand is an item with an assigned integer number from 1 to 100, that number indicates the percentage probability of a wand spell being cast successfully. If the cast roll is high enough, the spell casts as usual; if the cast fails, the spell must be...
  3. zachhandley

    [JASS] Base System - Force Building to Cancel

    Hi All, I'm working on creating a basing system (I can post it here after I've polished it) and I'm trying to make it like Vampirism Fire's. However after a base is claimed I want to cancel when they try to build in another base. I've tried ordering the constructing unit to "cancel" I've tried...
  4. Deserted

    [Spell] My trigger fails to pick a unit

    A wrote a simple (as I thought) trigger, that was expected to add some Ice Novas during Blizzard. I'm creating 2 dummies that periodicaly cast Ice Novas at enemies at cast point. Now I need to stop Ice Novas from being casted as soos as AM stops casting Blizzard. I decided to simply remove...