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campaign bug

  1. pizzagratuit

    Maps in Custom Campaign

    Some of my campaign's maps take me back to the campaign main screen Those maps run perfectly in custom game any ideas ?
  2. XxL1nKxX

    Custom Campaign Stops LAN

    Hi all, So ive recently found Hive and loving it. Downloaded all these new custom campaigns and then gave them all to my brother as he would love them aswell. I then noticed that we couldnt connect to LAN games anymore (to play other maps together), i then told him to delete all the custom...
  3. Seavalan Legend

    Can't Add Maps

    So I am starting a custom campaign for Warcraft 3. However, for some reason, it can not properly add maps. When I try to save after adding a map, it says: "Unable to copy campaign map from [file path]." When I try opening added maps, it says: "Unable to load file [file path] -Main map file...