1. xyzier_24

    Unit Cost Calculation for Melee Maps

    I don't know if this is the right Forum to ask this but: - I am looking for a formula for calculating the unit cost of the first trainable non-worker unit (or the basic one, to be exact) in a standard melee. Well, just a reference based on the gold cost for Footman and Grunt. Doesn't have to...
  2. Ofel

    Best way to calculate fight power?

    function hAI_GetUnitFightPowerAgainstUnit takes unit u1, unit u2 returns real local real sourceHp = GetWidgetLife(u1) local real targetHp = GetWidgetLife(u2) local real sourceWeaponDamage = hAI_GetUnitWeaponDamageToUnit(u1, 1, u2) // u1 weapon damage against u2 local real...