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  1. Morseldancer

    [Solved] Game Cache Issue

    Hello! Let me just begin by saying that I literally have no prior experience with triggers whatsoever. I'm primarily self-taught and harvested much of my knowledge regarding these from the Hive itself, custom campaign structures, or other YouTube videos. Recently, I've been encouraged to make...
  2. biridius

    Cache won't retain some data

    I'm having an issue with game caches. Some of the data I put in it is not retained. BUT, this only happens with some of the stored data. Some keys work fine, but others don't. Is there an article on what exactly am I supposed to do to have all my data saved in the cache?
  3. DracoL1ch

    [JASS/AI] Strings table and misunderstanding of caching concept

    WC3 written on C and uses typical caching method when it comes to strings. Every existing string being cached into virtual table which may improve mem use while working with tons of strings with the same content. You can learn more about it over the internet. I've been using async strings in my...