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  1. cleavinghammer

    Adding new movement types.

    Is it possible to add new movement types in the Object Editor (like an anti-float movement type that prevents going in any water)? Specifically, allowing for a unit that can only move in deep water/dry land (and not shallow water)/shallow water without the use of triggers or pathing blockers...
  2. Darkspear Burrow

    Darkspear Burrow

  3. Cheshire

    [Spell] Hero Burrow ability

    Hello there, I'm trying to make a burrow spell for a hero. For the burrowed model I have been using the crypt fiend burrowed model so that It would look like that brown burrowed unit indicator. there are 2 problems with this - 1. the unit portrait is a crypt fiend. 2. When the unit unburrows...
  4. Jamin8r

    How to add the Burrow animation?

    Ok, let me describe my map. It's a melee map and most undead ground units have the sacrifice ability to morph into another creature --> Banshees become Poltergeists, Necros become Revenants, Crypt Fiends become Nerubian Fiends, etc. Everything is good to go for the undead except for one little...