burbenog td

  1. Francoporto

    I want edit Burbenog TD v2.34e

    Hello guys, i very like to play on this map => Burbenog TD v2.34e But races are very unbalanced and i wanted to know how and if i can edit this ? I see this post: Burbenog TD 2.34 Editor Version? : warcraft3 and this: Clan TDG • View topic - Burbenog TD v2.32 The creator of this map said...
  2. Brikak

    [Tower Defense] Burbenog TD - Idea for 24 Players

    Changing map from 4 corners to 24 corners. 6 times more enemies at each spawn location. 6 times more HP for all enemies except Siege/Attackers. 6 times longer Buffs on enemies. 6 times longer path for enemies. 6 times more lives each difficulty level. Option for new difficulty at 1 Live. Most...