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  1. AtivEnergy

    [Spell] Chain Lightning - Do Not Destroy Trees

    Greetings! I just wanted to make this spell Chain Lightning (level 4) to kill units, buildings and [Trees] when bounce. Each level(1-4) has different number of bounces and different damage. The problem is.. How can i made this spell to bounce even in Trees and kill Trees when bounce? "Target...
  2. darkravenbest

    Bouncing Attack

    I know there are many threads about bouncing attack, but none of the answer on my question. I need to increase damage with each bounce. I tried to: Set damage loss factor to value higer than 1.00, for example 2.00. And it works very odd, because: First target(default damage) -> second...
  3. Uncle

    Issues with projectile not bouncing off of walls properly in GUI

    EDIT 2: Alright, so this system is tailored to my very specific needs and designed around my map. There's a good chance that this long wall of text won't be helpful to you, but maybe you can pull something out of it. Here's how I'm detecting Wall Bounces for Horizontal and Vertical facing walls...
  4. JaLu

    Heal/Damage wave with bounces

    Hi everyone, I want to create an ability that heal allies and damage enemies at the same time with bounces (like Rokhan's Healing Wave but does damage too). I'm newbie with the world editor and I have no idea how to make a trigger for this ability. Can you help me?
  5. Bribe

    GUI Knockback 2.5D v4.2.5.0