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boss ai

  1. Anton Wulff Jensen

    Help! Trying to make a trigger for a collapsing ceiling on each hero unit in a region

    So I am making this boss fight with a huge dragon. And basically it has a phase where it breathes fire 6 times in 6 angles around it. Once it is done with breathing fire, the ceiling will collapse at the point of where each hero stands after while. I tried to make a trigger for it here. It seems...
  2. Superfrycook

    Creating bosses in Reforged

    Hello, I was thinking I could create the main boss or mini boss. The only problem is, if the boss takes damage, he or she summons enemies, traps or both. So how can I make a trigger when the boss takes damage, let’s just say if the boss’ health dips below 80% or 50%, can summon units or traps...
  3. Kreuzschlitz

    [Trigger] RESOLVED: Boss AI through Hashtable

    First of all I'd like to apologize for the formatting of the images, as shown in the first picture for whatever reason I cannot copy the trigger text as I would like to as the option is grayed out. I also do not have the option available when I simply right click the trigger itself. Onto what...