1. MrModify

    Rig & Animate Models w/ Blender

    How To Rig & Animate Models for use in Warcraft III This tutorial will show you how to rig and animate models for use in Warcraft 3 with Blender 2.79 using bones and keyframes. Necessary Files: Necessary Files Textures: (@2:00) Animation Names Warcraft 3...
  2. MStylo

    Corpse bones decay

    Is it possible to pause and then resume decay of bones of unit that died? "Unit - Suspend corpse decay for (Picked unit)" this does work to pause it but then using "Unit - Resume corpse decay for (Picked unit)" has no effect
  3. Tigrick

    Alternative to Mdlvis? (need program for attaching vertices to bones)

    Mdlvis messes up normals. I tested it. Each time you open a model in Mdlvis, it changes normals, and this can make a model's lighting weird. I want to find another program that allows attaching vertices to bones. Suggestions welcome.
  4. lolz

    Animation Transition and Bone Glitch

    Hello guys, i have 2 models with little issues: 1.The Nightelf Demonhunter from wow has some weird bug with her attack animations (somebody told me the Transition is too fast). I linked the files from here cuz a picture itself doesnt realy shows it. 2.A dwarf monk from wow is fine, escept...
  5. Marebre

    Felstalker - Fix Attachment Points

    I need Felhound model (units\demon\felhound\felhound.mdl or units\demon\felhound\felhound_V1.mdl) with proper animation points, namely: hand, left hand, right foot, left foot, right The animation points seems to be present in Model Editor, but don't work properly ingame, for some reason. I...
  6. Sxar

    How import animation geoset?

    I want to made model of warrior with shield and cape but I sucks creating animation. Any tip/guide/idea to import animation for other model's geoset to my model like cape for Arthas to a footman bones in MDLVIS? or animations of shield-up of the footman and put it up to Arthas with sword?