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blood knight

  1. Liadrin_100%


  2. Liadrin_Stand Ready

    Liadrin_Stand Ready

  3. Liadrin_4


  4. Liadrin_3


  5. Liadrin_2


  6. Liadrin


  7. Liadrin


  8. Warcraft 3 Reforged - Custom models (Part 2)

    Warcraft 3 Reforged - Custom models (Part 2)

    Hi all! My second video with my custom reforged models. I will be glad if you help to me with likes:)
  9. Dord96

    Blood knight model and icon

    hello i requset\need male blood elf blood knight sword & shield based on the blood elf lieutenant model that is not a hero but T3 unit pleand role is healer\tank pleass help thank you .p.s he dosnt have to have a helamt and on foot thank you
  10. Dord96

    Special Units

    can some one plaess make special units models for some of the races based on WOW such as blood knights, death knights, paladins, priests of elune, shadow priests and if anyone heve more ideas plaess shere them it will benefit every one p.s. can some one plaess make a footman skin with the...