1. StoPCampinGn00b

    BlizzCon 2016

    BlizzCon 2016 Everything needed to know can be found the official BlizzCon site. News - Event Info - Watch - Schedule - eSports - Forum It's time for Blizzcon, the official event for everything Blizzard games! It's where upcoming releases are announced, competitive tournament matches are being...
  2. BossGengar

    WHO DO YOU THINK'LL BE NEXT? And who do you want?

    I'm very excited for what's to be announced at blizzcon! I'm mostly excited about the heroes that'll be announced! These are who I want! Warcraft Kel'Thuzad Mannoroth Tichondrous Diablo Mephitso Baal Belial Deckard Cain Starcraft I don't know too many starcraft characters....:/...