1. PiesOfNorth

    [JASS] [Zerg Campaign] - Hatchery/Larva crash on certain terrain?

    Hi. I've noticed a reproducible crash in my Zerg Campaign. I've been able to get it to occur consistently in Chapter Four, if the player expands to the center of the map, where Maiev starts. After fiddling with it, the source seems to be my modified Blizzard.j, in the function called...
  2. PiesOfNorth

    [JASS] Overriding blizzard.j for modding?

    Hi. From what I understand, the way to go about overlaying mods over the game is to simply copy the files with their path to the game directory. (ex: Warcraft III\Scripts\blizzard.j) So I've done that, and figured I'd start with simple modifications. So I opened up my copy of blizzard.j that I...