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  1. darkravenbest

    Reforged map cloud

    Hello! I know maybe im late with this topic and it was discussed many times, but i couldnt find any clear information on this subject. As long as i know when you host your map on battle.net its will be uploaded to their cloud, and downloaded directly by other player, which want to join you. I...
  2. SometimesZero

    Unable to send invites to private games

    Hi all, Is anyone having a problem where they can't send or receive invites to anyone for custom games? My friend and I are trying to beta test a map, but we can't because of this issue. We set up port forwarding and even used mobile hotspots to rule out network issues. We're both able to host...
  3. SometimesZero

    Private games

    Hi all, Are private games broken? I don't seem to have any luck inviting friends to a map I'd like to test.
  4. posthumousturbo

    Help I can't play on battlenet

  5. PartumCreed

    Warcraft III Battle.Net Servers Are Down?

    I'm able to connect to the Battle.Net through Warcraft & use chat channels but I cannot host a game with a bot or join any game. I was kicked in the middle of a game & could not join or host since. There are only four games in the lobby & when I try to connect to any of them, Warcraft crashes...
  6. Zenonoth

    [General] Map hosting size

    Dunno if this is the right section to post this but does anyone know what's the maximum multiplayer map size that can be hosted on battlenet?
  7. SlenderZed

    [Check this one out]Multiplayer...

    Hello fellow Gaias Player, I feel like soloing is getting boring and boring and I wanna try some multiplayer action you know? Anyone plays on Kalimdor(Asia server) battlenet? I'm SlenderZed just add me if you want and PM me for a possible coop...
  8. AquaFire

    An mca64launcher for Warcraft? (Opening Ports for Public Internet)

    Hi Everyone, I am a college student in a University, and I am aware that most of these universities do not promote opening certain ports, so configuring them would be nigh impossible. I am wondering if there was an existing type of launcher software that would automatically open the ports while...