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  1. OG-Panic

    Require Multiplayer Backpack system

    "Hello guys, I'm looking for a backpack system for my RPG map. I know there are several options out there, and I have already checked out quite a few of them. The problem is that most of the highly recommended systems are too expensive for my taste. I'm not a coding Guy, so JASS and all the...
  2. Master Zul'khan

    [GUI] Backpack Inventory System for Rpg (Eazy, Simple, Compatible)

    Came up wit a neat Backpack system while ago. Since I saw it is a very asked system so I'm postin' it here. :grin: My handy simple Backpack Inventory! Just in one pocket-size trigger using de backpack unit and its custom value. Introduction Most rpgs need extra storage space for them' player to...
  3. Bag End: First Demonstration

    Bag End: First Demonstration

  4. Knight of Arsford

    [Spell] Hero Bag System?

    I was looking at the Spells section for something like this but they were either too complicated for my map or just not what I was looking for. The idea is simple and you might know of it already: An invisible hero that acts as a bag or inventory for the main hero. I suppose it goes anywhere...
  5. jj84

    Gold bag

    Someone can add peon gold bag for original wc3 blood elf and high elf worker. More explanation: 1.remove blood elf and high elf worker gold bags. 2.add peon gold bag to blood elf and high elf worker.
  6. RoyFr

    Inventory 6 slot GUI

    I already try every inventory system who exist but don't find what i want in GUI (don't want a too complex inventory in JASS). For now i am working on the Bag and Hero inventory part only to fix everything and 6 kind of equipments and classes will be done after : Hero inventory : - Item say...