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bacon bcuz y not?

  1. SixxTailsHD

    Do you consider Warcraft III:Frozen Throne to be its own game or DLC?

    Do you consider Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne to be its own game or do you think of it as a DLC/Addon only? Personally I always thought of it as its own game even though 'Technically' its a DLC/Addon as its dependent on Reign of Chaos.
  2. SixxTailsHD

    Interest in a 1v1 Contest? Melee Only?

    Would anyone be interested in having a 1v1 Melee Tournament? I can provide both Voice Comms if needed as well as a Hosting Bot. If 7-10+ people are interested I will start working out the details.
  3. SixxTailsHD

    Any Ladder Clans on US East and EU?

    Hello, I am trying to get back into Wc3 Melee. Is there still any active Melee/Ladder clans for Wc3 out there? I would be interested in joining!
  4. SixxTailsHD

    Looking for Constructive Feed Back.

    Sadly my old account seems to be deleted since I haven't touched it since I joined the Army two years ago. I decided that I would try and get back into Wc3. So I pretty Rusty so don't judge to hard. I am not asking for Subs/Likes. So I ask you to not Sub or Like, However I would like feed...