1. Retera

    Should There Be An Expanded Universal Backup?

    What if someone built like a giant backup similar to the wayback machine but for Hive models and textures and assets and stuff? This could take the form of a giant ark to save the collective custom resources available on Hive, so that even if social media manipulates the minds of the userbase to...
  2. Juno Slade

    Did some languages ever have installers? (JA, CZ. CN)

    Me and some folk have been looking to back up the different language versions of Warcraft III classic, but three in particular have proven hard, which were Japanese, Czech, and Chinese (Simplified), these are also *installers*, not regular patch files, but more like when you get a link like...
  3. CinderWC

    Looking for Multilanguage Warcraft 3 Legacy Downloaders

    Hello everyone! I am an Archiver from the Warcraft 3 Unforged Discord. It is one of my passions to back up copies of Warcraft 3. But not only do i want to back up the English Versions, it is also imperative that we get copies of other Languages as well so that those do not fade away into...