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  1. Lamer

    [Script] Hero/unit info panel

    Hello everyone! I'm a GUI custom map maker and to make Resource Bars I need to learn Jass or Lua. I just started reading tutorials but this upgrade I need on my map asap :thumbs_up: Let me know if it's even possible do this way. So the example pannel gonna look like this: From upper left: 1st...
  2. rkemsley

    [Solved] Enfeebling Poison (Reduce Strength) - MUI Ability

    I am trying to create an ability, based off Envenomed Spears, which damages and decreases the strength of the target by 1 every tick. The poison lasts 3 seconds but reduces the strength indefinitely if the target still has the debuff. When the debuff is removed, be it by the timer running out or...
  3. rkemsley

    [Solved] Roar Ability (Increase Strength) - MUI Spell

    I am trying to create an ability which increases the strength of the caster by 10 for the duration of the ability. The ability is based on Roar, the unit casts the ability, gains +50% bonus attack damage and +10 strength for 15 seconds. Only the caster is affected by the roar, so it no longer...
  4. the3aqle

    [Spell] Is there a way to make normal damage based spells?

    Is there a way to make damage based spells? I saw attribute-based spells like ability deals Agility x2 Strength x3. But I want to damage based spells like Searing Arrows. Adding bonus damage to spells or multiplying hero damage. Thanks for your help in advance. Sorry for my English.
  5. Uncle

    [Solved] Detecting when a heroes attributes change (level up, item gain/loss)

    Hello, here are two triggers that I was hoping would work. I have custom variables for each attribute and I want to adjust these when a unit acquires/loses an item, levels up, etc. However, it seems that there is a delay between when the "Loses an item" event fires and when a unit's stats...