attack speed

  1. DexterFstone

    Spell Immunity ability

    How to make Spell Immunity ability and when use add attack speed? I use Anti-magic shell and bloodlust ability but anti magic shell is remove buff bloodlust.
  2. J2Krauser

    Attack Animation Speed

    Hi. I'm wondering if there's any way to change a unit's attack animation speed instead of letting the game do it by itself. Basically, any possible way to take it out of the engine's hands, I'd be interested in. What I mean by this is; you can change a unit's attack time, effectively making it...
  3. axleion

    [General] fixed attack rate

    hello... I've been searching for a bit, both from forum posts and tutorials on the web, and so far, none have discussed about this for wc3, most just discuss about maximum attack speed :(. I'm interested in replicating the attack speed mechanic of Jhin, a champion of LoL into Wc3. for those...
  4. BalanceDruid7

    Absolute attack speed bonus?

    There is no item that gives flat / absolute / fixed attack speed value, everything is percentage.
  5. 13lack_Ro$e

    Is there anyway to detect attack speed?

    Hello hive! As you all know there is no function for detecting AS in GUI (unlike MS) so , I wanted to know , is there any system or trigger (GUI friendly) on hive to detect AS as units (like how ms is measured) or as time (for example 1.7 seconds) ? Well , I tried to trigger it my self by...
  6. Rubellu Sidus

    Berserker's Rage - Olaf (League of Legends) (SOLVED)

    Hello. I'm wondering if anyone could help me out with this. I'm doing a passive ability for a Hero just like Olaf's. If you doesn't know what it does: Berserker Rage: Increases Olaf's attack speed in 1% for each 1% of his missing health. I've created 3 Integer Variables: MaximumHP =...