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attack priority

  1. SauceTown

    [General] Is there a way to crate a working attack priority?

    The Stats - Priority does nothing for attack. I've tried all sorts of attack and defend combinations. Siege does not attack fortified first. I've tried heroes and that doesn't work either. Then I spent about 4 hours messing with triggers and made some progress. The goal is to have my Sniper...
  2. HerlySQR

    Attack Priority

    I think this has already been asked, but why do the towers always attack the Hero automatically if he has a low life? How can I make him only focus when he attacks a hero?
  3. YuHuang

    questions about attack priority, trainloop , creating contamination, attack/move with regions ....

    how does value priority work ? it goes from 0 - 20 .... if a unit0 is under attack of 2 units and unit1 has value priority 5 and unit2 has value priority 10 .... which unit does unit0 attack ? i want to create a trainloop but i tried 2 trigger and nothing worked .... Ereignisse Einheit - A...