1. Dunkeulbock

    RPG Peasant

    Hello my good sirs ! I need a very simple model for my map and I think this model could be useful for part of the community. This unit would be the KAIL333XZ's HD Peasant (Just a normal peasant but with his portrait face as his actual model face) without his pickaxe and with the animations of...
  2. Saito

    [General] Item attachments disappear with a delay.

    tl;dr - I have an item with orb effect attachment and aura. When I drop the item the attachment vanishes couple of seconds later than it should, even after the aura stops working. Don't know how to fix it. Hello there! I'm having a weird issue caused by item aura. Example is pretty simple...
  3. Pwnage.

    Remove Attached Special Effects?

    Hello, I'm trying to rework a lot of old systems in my map, mainly by rewriting everything in vJASS to catch and mitigate memory leaks. One system has been particularly difficult for me to find a suitable solution for. When a unit is killed by a certain player's unit, a permanent corpse is...
  4. Hazop

    Shields Disappearing

    I have found these excellent shield models yet when ever I use them they disappear. For example: I'm making a militia unit using the villager model and attachments when the unit with the attachment attacks the shield disappears until the attack animation is over. Any solutions?