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attachment model

  1. ravellani

    [Solved] Item with cool down ability and a passive attachment

    I created a skill shot item that is a bow. It shoots an arrow when the item is used and has a cool down between uses. I wanted to add a bow attachment to the hand of the item owner so I tried to add the attachment to the bow shot ability but that is not a passive so it did not work. I added a...
  2. The Grey

    Need a leather helmet attachment

    Hello im making a map that uses attachments alot and atm i cant find a simple leather helmet
  3. Daisuki_NeeSan

    Attaching models to wings of units

    Hi all, I've been wanting to create an aura in which the attachment model will appear on the wings of the affected (air) unit. When i try to google it, the only entries that came up were on how to attach wings to wingless models ._ . please help thank you so much!