1. Tevazian Conclave.jpg

    Tevazian Conclave.jpg

    When the Humans of the East first lost their source of Magic, the denizens of Norrour lent them the secrets of their own practices of Magic. The Human mage, Tevazu, hailing from the ruined Kingdom of Sapphirus, humbly accepted these gifts and formed a wise conclave under his name.
  2. Dord96

    [SD/Modeling] Kirin Tor Arcanist

    hello can some one pleass make a classic verstion of this model(left pic) with that staff(right pic) pleass 🙏🙏🧙‍♂️ i need it for a kirin tor map i am trying to do and i need something to fill the role of arcane mage like in WOW p.s can it also inclode the Spell Slam animation form mrhoon...
  3. Dord96

    [Spell] how to make a spell

    hii i want to use this spell effect but i am not sure how to recreact it like in WoW pleass help
  4. SSJ7107

    Arcane Gold Mine

    Hello guys I'm making a campaign and I need a model for an arcane gold mine. It's similar to Haunted Gold Mine but it is replaced with magic and arcane stuff. Will give rep and credits Thanks!
  5. Woodenplank

    New Daralan (Floating City)

    I would like to make a model request. It should be fairly simple ('far as I know...) I would like to make a "floating Dalaran city" model. I think an edit of the "Arcane Observatory" unit on top of a thick set of clouds would do nicely. You could think of it as a Dalaran version of the...
  6. Thiiago

    [Trigger Spell] I need help for runs my spell

    The complete is: When an "X" unit takes more than 15% of its max life of damage in less than 1 second of the actions "Y". X = My Mage Y = The Actions thats i can want put in the trigger, this i know. But how triggers is actived i dont know how do :/ Example: My mage has 400 of total life.. 15%...
  7. sarumanthecursed

    Help with damage based on intelligence

    Hey i'm trying to make a spell that damages unit with in 200 Aoe of the target point of ability being cast based on the level of intelligence my hero has multiplies by the level of the ability being cast but my trigger for some reason isn't working : Arcane Blast Events Unit - A...