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  1. Zouave WIP - Tc pants or White pants?

    Zouave WIP - Tc pants or White pants?

    Should the fez be team coloured?
  2. SNIper of DARKness

    Wall Model Edit

    Hi there, again, I'm currently having trouble with some of Mike's Arabic building models. This Walls model ends a little short, and is not consistent with the other Walls model I'm using. Smaller pathing wouldn't work for in this situation due to multiple variables. Pictures from the map...
  3. Eastern Footman

    Eastern Footman

    Eastern Footman, I don't know who made this or who gave it to me. But this is just what I need for my current project Crusade over Europe. I only hope people can make more such models, certainly hope that very much.
  4. sarumanthecursed

    Turban Model request

    Hey can anyone make the Turban on this guys head HaradrimArcher as a fitting attachment with perhaps some gold beads or some jewls to "spice" it up xD It would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore if someone could remove the skeleton archer from this model VultureRider so that i may just have...