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  1. ComeWithMe

    Warcraft 1.27b + Dota 6.83d AntiCheat Detector

    Greetings to all. Perhaps I created a topic in the wrong section, if anything, I apologize. I am looking for someone who could do some work in JASS language (paid). Warcraft 3 is a very old game and many people know that there is a separate Dota Allstars map (from IceFrog), the latest version...
  2. ComeWithMe

    Finding address offsets for Warcraft 3 1.27b

    Hi there, My idea is just to modify old Dota Allstars 6.83d map and inject a kind of anti map hack system inside it. There is a lot of source code of map hacks for 1.26 version of the game, where we can see what offsets are changed and that's why this hack works. But there are no free...
  3. wizlepark

    [mem] Research for Anti-maphack ?

    Research for Anti-maphack ? I am the creator of the same kind of map as DOTA. Therefore, prevention of maphack is technically very important. But in the forums, I see only topics related to development. Simple GUI functions and Scripts can not prevent cheating. so, it would not be useful...