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  1. NikWal

    [SD/Modeling] Models have animation curves, please help, I really need help.

    Good afternoon, I need your help, who fumbles with modeling in Warcraft 3, can you help? I found Roronoa Zoro's model from the Wano Arc. But this is crooked, namely crooked animations, can you fix it? I don’t understand anything in the editor, I can’t help myself, I tried it myself but ruined...
  2. Psychic Tower: Work in Progress № 10 [Buildup Anim]

    Psychic Tower: Work in Progress № 10 [Buildup Anim]

    Building... Construction complete!
  3. Pugnadeus

    Animated doodads and performance

    I have started to use animated doodads to add additional effect to the terrain. My main concern is it's effect on the performance. In order to make the animated doodads stand out, I have to be putting massive amounts of it in the terrain. I am talking about thousands or multiple hundreds of...
  4. Neruvatar

    Model/Doodad Request: Animated pale corpse

    Hi, Hivers! I am currently looking for a model or a doodad (no need to be large in file size), a model that resembles a pale grey (or fleshy) corpse that constantly claws its hands on the sky, as if grabbing for something, or gasping for air whilst drowning.... Can anyone please help? =)