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  1. Unable to comply, building in progress

    Unable to comply, building in progress

  2. HerlySQR

    How can I disable share units? (Or at least get rid of the Allies button)

    Hello, in my map I wanna disable the posibility share units between players, but I tried everything I could found in the forum but nothing worked, even tried this: Player Group - Pick every player in (All players) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set VariableSet TempPlayer = (Picked...
  3. The Vek'taron

    The Vek'taron

    The cult of the Vek'taron, they were once servants of the Imperium. Now banished and in exile and turned as ally to the Death Angels.
  4. MrSocky

    [Spell] Making Forked Lightning a healing spell

    Greetings Some time ago, I began working on my first big project and usually I find the necessary tutorials or work around the encountered issues myself, yet I feel lost regarding this one. Some tutorials displayed options which seemed to be impossible since the editor doesn't offer the desired...
  5. Geekio

    [Solved] Shared Unit Control: AI Causing Problems

    I'm currently working on a singleplayer scenario in which the human player is in control of two bases: a Night Elf base and a Human base in separate areas of the map. The Night Elf player (Player 1) is set as "Controller: User" in the Player Properties menu. The Human base (Player 2) is set as...
  6. GinkoDek

    Advance Force System

    What I'm looking for is pretty simple to understant : You have 4 Players (3Users: Merchant1, Merchant2 & Bandit AND 1Computer: City) Bandit needs to be enemy with everyone else so I placed him alone in a force Merchant1 is allied to City but not to Merchant2 and same for merchant2. How can I do...
  7. Łapin Viktus

    [Solved] View the hero of the top left allies

    I want to see the hero allied to the top left like it was mine. For example on Tkok :