1. HellCEzAR

    Advanced World editor

    Greetings everyone, about 10 years ago i was in WE. And now, when reforged comes, i want to back to WE. But i find post about JNGP dont works now. Which WE i need to use to get more options than standart WE? Thx alot
  2. Ofel

    Advanced homing projectile

    How to make a projectile to properly home-in to a target unit? My problem is about the mathematical calculation. Currently, I've managed to make the projectile move to a 3D point towards its facing direction with offset by [speed base] plus offset by [turn acceleration] towards the target unit...
  3. Alok

    Custom Race Creation: Advanced Mechanics

    Custom Race Creation: Advanced Mechanics Making video games is like a science. Everything needs to be planned and well thought-out in order for the game to be fun and challenging, and the mechanics behind a seemingly simple game can actually be very complex and thouroughly thought-out. This...