1. pyf

    Flaws in our alerts system?

    Who thinks there are possible flaws in how the alerts work?
  2. Woodenplank

    IP Check and Anti Map-abuse

    Hey Hive So I just played a game of Azeroth Wars (if you don't know the map, it's actually irrelevant). And this one guy, who rather hates the map creator, decided to mess up a public game by joining it with 3 separate accounts. Two accounts were placed on separate enemy teams, and the last he...
  3. redbaron4850

    Shared Control Abuse HELP!

    I have a problem with my map that recently arose and am not sure really where to post this. Basically the problem is that one player somehow spammed the "share control" button in F11 (allies) during a game causing massive lag and slowdown. I have locked resource trading alliance settings but...