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  3. Thaddius.gif


    Thaddius Wc3-WOW style Model posted at: https://bbs.islga.org/read-htm-tid-5487277-page-1-fpage-1.html
  4. Grobbulus.gif


    Grobbulus war3-wow style Model posted at: https://bbs.islga.org/read-htm-tid-5487252-page-1-fpage-1.html
  5. CodeBlack

    [Trigger] Trigger Abomination Slim Down

    Hey Guys, Me again with obnoxiously ridiculous triggers and a cry for help. Can somebody take a look at this monstrosity and give me an idea on how to slim it down? Those triggers handle the Buffs/ Debuffs and the unit counts that happen through placing buildings besides each other. Because...
  6. linknukem

    [Fixed] Model Editor: Black Transparency?

    Is it possible to make a texture transparent, but black when used on a model? The abomination texture has a part that is used as a transparent texture and a part of the body that is not supposed to be transparent (circled with red in my texture). It is used for the upper part of its stomach...
  7. Doomcore

    (Model Repair) This gory demon pudge does not show up :<

    This guy show up when in (unanimated), but when I try to check his anims, he just hides and shows nothing. I think a little work will fix this gory meatguy. Please help me, really needed this stuff. Thank you. ...... PLEASE PUSH THE BUTTON to DOWNLOAD the MODEL :)
  8. Rykon-V73

    Requesting 2 icons(for real this time)

    Hey there. I've been trying to find icons for the 2 models below: Chaos Spider: CryptFiend Hero Abomination: HeroAbomination Initially, I've been trying to find those icons myself, but no result. It would have been really nice if someone did this job. Optional: Can somebody tell me the name of...