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ability scaling

  1. TehSDragon

    Trying to trigger a delayed falling projectile but it's not working quite as intended

    Good people of the Hive, I am once again asking for your support. First off, the situation: I'm trying to create a spell that summons a falling meteor that lands in target location, dealing damage. I figured, hey, I could base this off of the summon Infernal spell, just need to set the Stun...
  2. HolyWillRise

    Need help to trigger this ability [Oil bomb]

    I have an Engineer hero for the ability and Dummies also. Goal: Oil bomb [AoE] that gonna deal damage per sec + slowing enemies attack and move speed, also the enemies gonna take more damage from fire damage/abilities Also if it's possible, i want to deal damage x main attribute (Intelligence)...
  3. Smoo

    [Solved] Stat Scaling on Thunder Clap Trigger

    I am currently trying to work out why this trigger I made is damaging the casting hero unit, and not hostile unit that receives the initial damage of Thunder Clap. I have created a custom version of Thunder Clap, whose base AoE damage is 50. The hero that I have given the custom ability to is a...
  4. Darastrix

    Inf scaling abilities suggestions

    Hello, so if you have any ideas for spells that scale inf as the game goes on, i would like to hear em. Ofc it has to be something more creative then kills 6 units gets 1 dmg...